27 Sep 2019
According to the latest report of the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA), Hungarian authorities must increase efforts to prevent child trafficking. The report calls on Hungary to... Read more
18 Sep 2019
Focus News Agency reported that the Bulgarian Parliament has recently adopted amendments to the Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Act. The requisite to adopt the amendments derived from the need to act in accordance with international legal... Read more
09 Sep 2019
Projekt Maramures is accused of using German teens for slave labour, rather than providing them with ‘re-education’, all at a huge cost to the state. The project's managers deny all claims of abuse and exploitation. Five... Read more


03 Jul 2019
Human trafficking is a challenging and alarming phenomenon and in the recent years Montenegro has been recognized as a country of origin, transit and destination for victims of trafficking. The need to take measures to prevent this phenomenon lead... Read more
23 May 2019
This report presents country-of-origin information (COI) on Albania specifically relating to trafficked boys and young men published between 1 January 2016 and 31 March 2019, as well as information generated by interviewing a range of stakeholders... Read more
01 Nov 2018
Standard Operating Procedures for the Protection of Victims of Trafficking and Potential Victims of Trafficking, hereinafter the Procedures, are drafted to implement the Strategy for the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings and its Plan of... Read more

Learning and multimedia

23 May 2019
The following e-learning module is intended to help frontline professionals identify and refer presumed victims of human trafficking. This course will give an overview of the different types of human trafficking and will share tools to help workers... Read more
24 Dec 2018
Within the projects that Center for Youth Integration is implementing in partnership with Save The Children, which main focus is providing support and protection for children refugees and migrants, team stationed in camp in... Read more
12 Dec 2018
About the webinar: We are hosting a webinar to present the results of the work carried out by the Council of Baltic Sea States in collaboration with the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) as part of the TRAM project (... Read more

Trafficking in person

[International] UN Migration Agency, Polaris to Launch Global Data Repository on Human Trafficking
Date of publication: 2017
IOM reports that counter-trafficking specialists announced the pre-launch of the Counter-Trafficking Data Collaborative (CTDC) at the 5th Global Compact for Migration (GCM) consultations in Vienna. 
[Hungary] Child prostitution is not the responsibility of the child victims, but of society
Date of publication: 2017
The prominent fact-finding blog "Kettos Merce" ('double standard') published a writing by Fanni Des who clarifies falsehoods and misconceptions around child sexual abuse.
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: How videos are helping potential child victims | Destination Unknown
Date of publication: 2017
ECPAT Belgium has launched a project called REACT- Reinforcing Assistance for Child Victims of Trafficking to guarantee effective access to justice and protection to child victims of trafficking.
[United Kingdom] Sharp Rise in British Children Being Sexually Exploited by Human Traffickers
Date of publication: 2017
The London Economic reports on figures demonstrating an increase in the number of British children being suspected as potential victims of human trafficking.
[United Kingdom] 1,000s of children rescued from slavery in England – report
Date of publication: 2017
A Russia Today article cites a recent report featured in the Daily Mail, which spotlights the mass enslavement of children and youth throughout England. 
The Sale of Children and Illegal Adoption
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: TDH, Defence for Children - ECPAT the Netherlands
This study is based on a research paper developed to inform the thematic report on this subject of the UN Special Rapporteur on the sale and sexual exploitation of children, Maud de Boer Buquicchio.
Trafficking in Persons Report 2017
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: U.S Department of State
The U.S Department of State has published its 17th annual Trafficking in Persons report, which ranks governments around the world on their efforts in the fight against human trafficking.
Country Narratives from Trafficking in Persons 2017 Report
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: U.S. Department of State
The Trafficking in Persons 2017 report provides country narratives on all of the 187 countries included in its ranking of minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.
Annual Report of ASTRA SOS Hotline
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: Astra - Anti-trafficking Action
The annual report of the ASTRA SOS Hotline contains statistics about the calls the hotline receives, about victims of trafficking and referrals made.
Campaign to Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings and Domestic Violence
Date of publication: 2017
Campaign to Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings and Domestic Violence The Kosovo Police has carried out an awareness campaign to prevent human trafficking and domestic violence. The issues covered are:



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