Consultancy position with Caritas Albania

Deadline for application: 
20 Sep 2017
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Caritas Albania
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Caritas Albania is seeking an external consultant to design training curriculum for Caritas members involved in combatting human trafficking. The training is projected to focus on child protection, and particularly the international legal framework of child protection against trafficking: what is meant by “protection against trafficking”, what are the rights of children at international level, how are these rights violated in a human trafficking context. It is essential for Caritas members to have a strong knowledge of this topic, in order to disseminate it widely in their own countries, towards their staff, volunteers, authorities and
national population.

It is important that the person who will conduct the training provides a full training module in English, complemented with Power Point presentations, handouts; exercises etc. so that each Caritas could replicate in the national level and translate it in their own local languages.

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