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Thematic news

Thematic news: Children on the move

[European Union] Europe Launches Online Migration Atlas
07 Jan 2020
The European Commission launched an online, international ‘Migration’ Atlas, with data for 198 countries and information updated daily.
[European Union] More than a Thousand Migrants Died Crossing the Sea to Europe in 2019
07 Jan 2020
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed that 1,283 individuals died trying to migrate to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea in 2019 — 44% of the deaths confirmed during the same period in 2018.
[European Union] Drahoslav Štefánek: New Special Representative for Migration and Refugees
18 Dec 2019
Yesterday, on the occasion of International Migrants' Day, Drahoslav Štefánek was appointed new Special Representative on migration and refugees.
[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Lessons from Vučjak Migrant Camp in Bosnia & Herzegovina
18 Dec 2019
Since 2019, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been the key transit country for migrants heading towards the EU.
[European Union] Roll-out Trainings for Care Professionals and Youth Facilitators
09 Dec 2019
Roll-out trainings for care professionals and youth facilitators are being organized in Belgium, Greece, Malta and Romania as part of the BRIDGE project.
[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Bosnia must Immediately Close Vucjak Migration Camp - Council of Europe
06 Dec 2019
The Council of Europe raised their concern regarding the Vucjak migration camp located in Bosnia and Hercegovina; the Council urged the Bosnian government to close the migration camp and to take further steps in improving the quality of treatment
[United Kingdom] Child Migration Brings an Array of Benefits to the Host Country and to Children
28 Nov 2019
With the mainstream media in the UK seemingly determined to portray the impact of immigration as negative and harmful, it is vitally important for parity to be established and the truth to be vocalised.
[European Union] The Protection of Children in Migration – Promising Practices
27 Nov 2019
The European Commission created a site to collect promising practices on the protection of children in migration.
[Greece] Τerre des hommes Hellas: Public Announcement on the new plan of the Greek Government to address the situation of migrants and refugees
26 Nov 2019
The Greek child protection organization, Terre des hommes Hellas, believes the authorities’ new plans for refugees and migrants put at risk the mental health and well-being of thousands of children and young people.
[European Union] How Social Workers Can Protect Children across International Borders
18 Nov 2019
‘There is a “new normal” emerging for childhood to which social work practice must adapt.’ – writes Caroline Housman, CEO of Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) in her article.


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