Justice at Last Policy Paper, 2019

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Date of publication:  01 Jan 2019 Author:  La Strada International Publisher:  La Strada International Publication type:  Legal / Policy Framework

“Trafficking in human beings is a human rights abuse. Compensation has a restorative, preventive and punitive function and is a crucial tool in combating human trafficking. Each trafficked person has the right to an effective remedy, including compensation; however, a range of barriers obstruct the consistent translation of the right to compensation into practice. Consequently, many trafficked persons are left without justice.”

This Policy Paper is meant to inform European and national policy makers of the issues – both obstacles and promising practices - playing on the ground; to foster mutual learning among practitioners in NGOs and lawyers working with trafficked persons; and to provide opportunities for NGOs to continue and strengthen their advocacy and action to promote compensation for trafficked and exploited persons.

This Policy Paper has been prepared in the framework of the project Justice at Last – European action for compensation for victims of crime project: a two-year EU-funded project that aims to enhance access to compensation for trafficked persons and victims of related crimes. The project consortium is coordinated by La Strada International and exists of partners in Bulgaria (Animus Association), Czech Republic (La Strada), Spain (SICAR cat and Esperanza), Germany (KOK), Austria (LEFO), The Netherlands (FairWork), Ireland (MRCI), Romania (Adpare), Macedonia (Open Gate/La Strada) and Serbia (ASTRA).

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