Consultative Community Committee (CCC) Accountability Plan Towards the Prevention of Child Trafficking


Date of publication:  30 Sep 2015 Publisher:  Terre des hommes Romania Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

This material contains information on child trafficking in Romania, procedures in place for Romanian children to exit the country, child risks and vulnerable points, children rights and recommended actions to be taken in order to facilitate support to children being exposed to the risk of exploitation.

This Plan seeks to review the role of the community structures called Consultative Community Committees (CCCs), as well as the accountability of CCC members towards children, particularly to find ways to prevent child trafficking.

This Plan aims at helping CCC members get accustomed to their tasks as they have been set forth in the law, but also to raise awareness on the need of a stronger involvement in order to identify children that might have been trafficked.

This plan was developed by Terre des hommes Elvetia Foundation within the ICARUS project (Improving Coordination and Accountability towards Romanian Unaccompanied minors’ Safety )[1]  co-financed by the European Commission under the Prevention and Fight against Crime Programme of the Home Affairs General Directorate.


[1] Ref. no. HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/THB/4000003898


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