[Kosovo] Kosovo and Montenegro: Bilateral Meeting in Podgorica to Strengthen Transnational Co-operation

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12 Feb 2020

The Delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, respectively the Office of the National Coordinator against Trafficking in Human Beings, and other members of Kosovo’s National Authority, held a regular meeting with their counterparts from Montenegro.

The purpose of the meeting was of a consultative nature in terms of strengthening bilateral cooperation in the fight against trafficking in human beings and strengthening transnational case management through sharing information, experience and best practices, as foreseen in the joint action plan between the two respective authorities.

The meeting was held in Podgorica, and relevant information was exchanged on how to manage transnational trafficking cases with a special emphasis on facilitating the process of implementing the Unified Standard Operational Procedures.

Both sides agreed that bilateral relations between Kosovo and Montenegro in the field of trafficking in human beings are very good and have made progress in strengthening the existing transnational mechanism, which is also reflected by the extensive and regular contact between the two parties.


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