[Kosovo] Anti-trafficking month: Kosovo Police and Terre des hommes organized an awareness raising roundtable

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11 Nov 2019

As part of the anti-trafficking awareness raising campaign, Kosovo Police and Terre des hommes Kosovo, held a roundtable with the aim of strengthening the inter-institutional cooperation, including the religious communities. The discussion, had in focus the issue of children trafficking for exploitation in forced begging and the importance of the role the stakeholders have in preventing this type of phenomenon.

The participants of this roundtable were representatives of various institutions; officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ombudsperson institution, while from the religious communities; officials from the Islamic Community of Kosova (ICK), Serbian Orthodox Church of Kosova, as well as the non-governmental organizations Terre des hommes and Caritas Kosova.

The Kosovo Police opened the discussion by presenting the trend of human trafficking and the importance of the cooperation in preventing the above mentioned phenomenon. Moreover, each of the participants delivered presentations from the perspective of the institution they represent, while acknowledging this roundtable meeting and the need of an immediate cooperation. The discussion continued by analyzing the statistics and the participants’ recommendations.

The need of strengthening this cooperation and coordination, as well as the willingness to be actively involved in, both central and local activities, was thoroughly discussed during this meeting.

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