Innovative initiative to prevent child trafficking

30 Oct 2015
Terre des hommes Romania

To assist specialists in human trafficking, but also to develop the knowledge base regarding risks related to child trafficking, Terre des hommes Foundation representation in Bucharest implements the  ICARUS Project Improving Coordination and Accountability Towards Romanian Unaccompanied Minors' Safety, co-funded by the Prevention and Fight against Crime  Programme of the European Union, in partnership with ANITP. The project develops mechanisms and useful tools to prevent and informing about cases of child trafficking. 

Tdh Foundation has developed within the  ICARUS project  two tools for prevention of child trafficking and to inform of the risks of trafficking. The first tool is an online learning hub and a mobile application that shall be used to notify of possible cases of child trafficking.

The Online Learning Hub 

The ICARUS Online Learning Hub  is a useful platform where you can find updated reports, studies, researches, informative materials and legislation in the field of trafficking in children.

Mobile Application: “Stop child trafficking!”

The Mobile Application can be easily used to send an alert in case of an event of trafficking. It is a friendly-user application, available both for Android and IOS.

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