[European Union] A New Movement in Europe Is Demanding That Cities Welcome Refugees Amid COVID-19

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06 May 2020

Adding to the unbearably grim situation for migrants and refugees in Europe for the past couple of years the outbreak of Covid-19 and the subsequent state measures create stronger urge for taking action.

Importantly, the new social movement, Europe Must Act, aims to address pressing challenges such as the urgent necessity to relocate refugees from Aegean islands to other EU countries by reaching EU leaders and mobilising thousands of citizens alongside dozens of grassroot organizations. Using a collaborative strategy and running up the #CitiesMustAct campaign, more details and important outcomes are pinpointed below.

  • Active for about two months, Europe Must Act counts on people cantered approach, consists on volunteers and a central team while following principles of non-violence, autonomy and local action (see Europe Must Act Facebook Group).
  • The movement has prepared an open letter to EU leaders with signatures from 160 non-profit organizations, 100.000 individuals and 10 Members of the European Parliament.
  • As an integral part, #CitiesMustAct is a solidarity campaign that mobilises citizens all over Europe to demand for the relocation of refugees from mayors and local authorities (See more).
  • While the current lockdown poses set of challenges for individuals to take part in ‘peopleless protest’, Europe Must Act calls for change in migration policies that are fair and humane, and that are to be the substitute of the EU-Turkey Deal.  

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